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TripLink Connect


Concur decided to provide the ability for users to book travel outside of the Concur system, but still needed a way for those users to get their travel reservations into Concur for itinerary management and expense purposes. As part of this initiative, Concur launched TripLink: a way for specified partners to connect their APIs with Concur so that reservations made directly on partner sites would be automatically sent to Concur without any extra effort on the part of the user.

I worked with product owners and development managers to determine the best user experience for these partner connections. I created the UX for our "autoconnect" feature (connecting partners as loyalty numbers are added to Concur), individual connections (connecting to partners one by one), the Oauth process for agreeing to terms & conditions, and a partner guide to assist partners in setting up their sites in a way that would reinforce the smooth experience and accessibility guidelines we had implemented on the Concur side. I also created a fake hotel site to illustrate best-practices in user centered design.

Upon presenting the partner guide, the VP of User Experience made a point of telling me that I "clearly dove in deep and produced a lot of worthwhile content."

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