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Business Travel Points


As part of an offering of integrated travel products, Concur launched a concept of "travel points" where users could earn points by booking within their corporate travel policies.  These points could be calculated based on policy, or price, depending on how a company chose to implement the program. It also allowed users to book travel outside the Concur system, using a Price-to-Beat based on average expensed amounts for specific travel destinations.  Users could later "spend" these travel points as a way to get around policy violations in the future.

I designed the implementation of a Price-to-Beat generator for our mobile product, as well as the display of travel points in our mobile app.  I designed the flow through the product when users "spent" their points to get around policy violations, and made some modifications to how the Price-to-Beat and Travel Points Bank were displayed within search results in our web product. I also worked on some helpful in-product messaging which alerted the user to these new features in our web product and gave them an overview of how they could find them.  I worked closely with the development team to ensure that the designs were able to be implemented using our current technologies by the time the program was set to launch.

Travel Points
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