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Travel App Center


The Concur App Center is a place where Concur users can connect their Concur account with other applications that they use to conduct their business. 

This project was a revamp of the current product offering, as well as a launching of it in our mobile application. There were two problems we were trying to solve: exposure, and scalability. App Center was on a path of growth, and needed to be more of a marketplace that users could relate to. It needed to expose the correct apps to the correct users, and it needed to do all of this within a responsive framework that could be utilized on our marketing site, within our web product, and within our mobile application.

I proposed a design which removed the previous stratification between “apps for me” and “apps for my business,” in order to gain exposure of these apps to a wider audience. Though leading storymapping sessions, we identified that this necessitated a need for tracking and administrative tools to be put in place. While the development team worked on backend tasks to prepare for that eventuality, I started creating sketches and wireframes to demonstrate the UI that would be shown to end users, and process flows to illustrate how the screens fit into the overall user path. I collaborated with developers within their sprint cycles to see the project to completion, while working ahead on screens that would guide their work in future sprints.

Concur App Center
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