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Spot Illustration Library


In taking an inventory of various Moz properties managed by different teams, the Design team realized that our Moz Academy pages were out of alignment with our current brand voice. I was asked to spend some time auditing the pages and making recommendations for how they could be improved within the constraints of the learning management provider we were using to host the content.

The solution we landed on seemed simple enough at first: we would provide access to a library of spot illustrations already created for other teams to use. On further investigation, we discovered that our spot illustration library also hadn't been updated to reflect our current color palette, and that some illustrations were dated, inelegant, and in need of a facelift. They were also inexpertly created, and contained design artifacts that may have been useful in previous incarnations of design software, but were unnecessary given current capabilities.

As awareness of the project grew, what started as a library of 36 illustrations became a library of nearly 80. It turned out that we had spot illustration luring in folders and pages that hadn't had a designer look at them in years. I collected all of the illustrations for rebuilding.

The new library contains 31 illustrations with new visual concepts, 38 illustrations restyled to match our current branding, and 7 illustrations communicating entirely new concepts. Full color and single color versions of each illustration were created. Below you will find a few of my favorite before and after comparisons.

Social Media Marketing_2x
On-Page Checklist_2x
On Page Reporting_2x
Mobile Navigation_2x
Mobile Rankings_2x
Keyword Research_2x
Keyword Difficulty_2x
Issue Prioritization_2x
In-Depth SERP Analysis_2x
Historical Reporting_2x
Industry Leading Metrics_2x
Global Rank Tracking_2x
Fresh Mentions_2x
Compare Link Metrics_2x
Crawl Alerts_2x
Click Through Rates_2x
Competitive Reporting_2x
Custom Reports_2x
Client Prospecting_2x
Spam Analysis_2x

I was pleased to step outside my comfort zone to work on these illustrations. I don't traditionally consider myself a visual designer, but I found this an exciting exercise to develop our visual language. It reminded me that editorial illustration is a UX issue because it's using a visual language to communicate an idea in a way that will aid user understanding.

These illustrations are going to be used not only in the Moz Academy (the genesis of this project), but are already being used on our .com site and incorporated into marketing material such as one-pagers, sell-sheets, and sales decks. The reception to them has been extremely positive, as everyone is excited to have fresh illustrations that communicate what Moz does, and to have the assets accessible to everyone across the company.

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