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Imagekind's goal was to develop a new online art experience that provides both consumers and artists with a new outlet for sharing, creating and buying art from digital files. They were the world's first community to serve as a hybrid art gallery, photo-sharing service and a print-on-demand service, and they have partnered with leading brands such as Walgreens, Snapfish, Flickr, HP and to distribute its art and frames to the widest possible online audience.

While employed at Imagekind, I spent 4 months working on designing the Community section, a major new tab on the Imagekind website. The Community section featured a brand new space for Imagekind members to better interact and collaborate with each other. The new and improved features with this launch included Forums, Groups, Favorites and Fans and a Facebook-like Activity Feed. The overall concept was to increase user engagement while encouraging retail sales and exposing great content.

Curated Artist Groups

In conjunction with the new Community tab, Imagekind launched the brand-new Imagekind Groups, a place for members who share common artistic interests to discuss and share their work. Our goal was to create a member-moderated section of the site that would increase user participation and constantly expose new and previously-unrecognized artwork on the Imagekind site.

Because Imagekind Groups would be largely member-moderated (instead of staff-moderated), it was necessary to create front-facing admin tools for members to control their Group settings and information. User feedback on the admin tools was extremely positive, with users noting that Imagekind was becoming the kind of easy-to-use website that they enjoyed visiting.

Artist Forums

As part of the new Community Tab, I re-designed the Imagekind forums, a place for members to connect with each other and Imagekind team members. My goal was to update both the look and functionality to create a seamless experience between Imagekind and other popular online forums.

Iconography & Visual Design

I developed a set of icons for Imagekind to support both their growing retail business and new Community section. I originally purchased a basic icon set that reflected the brand, and all of the icons I created were designed to seamlessly integrate with the purchased set. All icons were created in three sizes: 16x16 pixels, 24x24, and 36x36. Displayed here are the 16x16 pixel icons, which were the most challenging to create due to the limited amount of space.


As part of Imagekind's rebrand in spring of 2008, the company needed to update their illustration showing how a personal digital file becomes a professional, printed product. We tried several versions of each step in an effort to find the right combination of words, icons and illustrations to communicate the process. We tried 3-step, 4-step, and 5-step illustrations, and eventually settled on a 4-step illustration. The goal was to demonstrate to an end-user that their digital files would become finished pieces of art for their walls.

I also worked closely with development teams to identify visual bugs in the system, and create redline specification documents for them to work from.

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