Customer Product Funnels


Moz has been a giant in the SEO space for more than a decade. The scope of their tools and capabilities have expanded far beyond where they started, though the information architecture of their website (which encompasses both marketing and product) has struggled to keep up with the breadth of their offerings. Moz has a difficult time tracking customer purchase intent, new users have a difficult time getting oriented to our toolset, and many of the key workflows are difficult to accomplish across their set of research and tracking offerings.

I embarked on an exploration of our product funnels, thinking about how we could use the power of our data to compel users to sign up with Moz while at the same time training them on how Moz tools are organized.This involved re-thinking the organization and navigation of our products and workflows both for potential and existing users. It also involved exploration on how we handle customer limits and feature gating.

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