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This is an overview of my skills & experience.

My full employment history can be found on my LinkedIn profile.




Strategy, workshop facilitation, leadership coaching, and people management

UX Practice

SaaS product design, wireframing, user process flows, service design, and research

"Molly is one of the smartest people I know. Her keen understanding of UX trends in the industry really helped me refine our program and give our students the skills which are getting them jobs. She has been a great resource for Seattle Central Creative Academy and has helped me become a better teacher. I could not have accomplished what I've done without her."

Erik Fadiman

Education + Training


Nielsen​ Norman Group (NN/g)

UXD Certification | Management Specialty

August 2019 (Updated October 2020)

  • Becoming a UX Strategist

  • Generating Big Ideas with Design Thinking

  • Being a UX Leader: Essential Skills for Any UX Practitioner

  • Journey Mapping to Understand Customer Needs

  • Designing Influence

  • New UX Managers

  • Facilitating UX Workshops

  • Service Blueprinting

  • Design Tradeoffs & UX Decision Frameworks

  • UX Roadmapping


Seattle Central College

Associates of Arts in Graphic Design and Illustration

 June 2000


Pragmatic Institute

PMC-III Certification

April 2020

​Earner of this badge has been certified in three courses from Pragmatic Institute's Management Curriculum. demonstrates knowledge in Foundations (the Pragmatic Framework, gap analysis, understanding market problems), Focus (opportunity scoring, business planning, product roadmapping), and Price (pricing strategy, segmentation and packaging.)


Situational Leadership
Training and Management for Organizational Development

Pioneered by Paul Hershey and Ken Blanchard
Presented by Lee Andrese

May 2011

"She's a joy to supervise: Until I worked with Molly, I'd never worked with a "creative" more open to feedback, less defensive and more solution-oriented."

Cheryl Stumbo



Sketch, InVision, Adobe Creative Suite, Balsamiq Mockups, Omnigraffle, Frontify

Research, Miro, Optimal Workshop, SurveyMonkey


Google Busines Suite, Microsoft Office Acrobat Pro, MindNode, Miro, Docusign, Dropbox/Box


"If your experiences need to be elevated to the next level, or if you're starting with a complete mess, Molly is the designer who can make your users happy. On top of that, she works well with her product and development teams, and can clearly articulate her reasoning and solutions to get everyone on board and feeling good about the path forward."

Brian Thurston Bralczyk

Employment History

My full employment history can be found on my LinkedIn profile.


"Molly was the single User Interface designer at during the time I managed her, focusing primarily on site Information Architecture and Flow, producing templates and layouts for things like Product Browse, Product Search, Shopping Carts, Order Placement flows, Your Account areas, and Prescription Tools. The designs that Molly produced consistently improved site metrics such as conversion and retention. She worked very closely with the program managers on staff, and developed an easy rapport with them."

Mackenzie Solaro
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