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Mobile Mileage Tracking

Concur Technologies


DriveIt was a concept app from the incubation team I was on at Concur. The original concept was a standalone app that allowed a user to track their miles and sync that mileage data with Concur for easy expensing. It was important for the app to be easy enough to use that it would not present a safety hazard while driving if the user needed to pause or re-start their mileage tracking.

I worked closely with executive management to capture their ideas about what this product could be, and what user problems it would solve. I tracked the ideas in an extensive spreadsheet and organized the features. I then prioritized them, determined whether or not they would be free or paid features, whether the features were most relevant to the pre-trip, in-trip, or post-trip experience, and whether the feature was one that needed to be accessible while driving. I tracked assumptions, dependencies, and open questions. After that, I created Android wireframes, walk-throughs, and iOS visual comps to illustrate the features to executive staff so that they could decide how to proceed with the product.

Software: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator

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