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Mobile Hotel Search

Concur Technologies


As part of a "make it better" initiative at Concur, I was asked to re-invision what the hotel booking experience could be on our mobile application. The experience had not been updated since it was initially launched two years prior, and the general feeling was that while it worked fine, it was lacking some features and up-to-date design compared to consumer apps on the market. We wanted our mobile app to be where users booked their business travel because they *wanted* to use our application, not just because they were bound by corporate policy to do so.

I spent some time researching and evaluating consumer travel applications and putting together a document showing some of their more interesting features and key commonalities between them. Based on this competitive analysis, I identified some key features where we could improve our own product, and set to work designing those experiences in wireframes.

The work I did ended up putting the initial "make it better" vision to the side, and helped get executive buy-in for a longer-term overhaul of our entire mobile booking process. The ideas I generated helped the business understand the extent of work that was needed to substantially improve the user experience of mobile booking, and the wireframes I created provided an initial roadmap for that work.

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