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Data Visualization Styles & Guidelines


Data Visualization Audit

As part of the launch of our customer-facing business insights suite, the UX team was asked to create a dashboard for our administrative users. I suggested that the first part of that work was performing an inventory of the types of charts and graphs available in the software, so that we could make recommendations for how different types of data be displayed. I performed an audit of the chart and graphs in use, researched the best practices for them, and documented the chart and graph types while adding an updated visual presentation in-line with our current style guide. This work ended up being heavily utilized by the teams putting together the recommended data templates, as well as our internal analytics team when presenting data to the company about user behavior. My final recommendations included not only updated styles and appropriate uses of chart and graph types currently in use, but some more advanced charts and graphs that expanded the range of display possibilities. This work remains in use today by our internal teams, and in our business insight dashboards.

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