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Nexxus Marketing was the Flagship marketing automation product for Appature, a startup in Seattle that was later bought by IMS Health. Since its inception, the product had been primarily development-driven and focused on customization requests from the clients using the product. Nexxus Marketing needed to become scaleable so that companies using it could bypass long and complicated onboarding processes and start using it “out of the box.” Many companies were turning to marketing automation solutions that were not specific to the health/pharma/biotech vertical because they were easier to use, had better API integration offerings, and did not require intensive customization from delivery teams.

The product design team conducted interviews with our users as well as internal resources who have direct customer contact. Through our research, we identified features that could be removed, features that were needed, and the areas of our product that needed major overhauls in order to keep pace with competitor products.

We were able to deliver a research report and provide insight into the key challenges faced by our top personas. Some of our ndings made it into the product roadmap, and others launched a “northstar” vision project lead by design to help the product team start thinking about where our product suite could be in 3-5 years.

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