Starbucks Card - Online Management


In conjunction with a major website overhaul, Starbucks was redesigning their Card features to address user dissatisfaction and confusion with managing their Starbucks cards. Customers called the call center frequently to complete tasks that could easily be completed online, such as reloading their Card, checking their Card balance, purchasing a new card or transferring the balance from one card to another. Our goal was to drive users to the website to get them to complete these tasks.

I assisted the Sr. Information Architect on this project by expanding on her preliminary Balsamiq prototypes and building out the features we identified with the business team. I went through several iterations of the requested features, and we utilized these iterations during usability studies. In addition, I was able to make recommendations about other areas of the site that would need to be changed in conjunction with the new features.

User feedback from the usability studies was extremely positive, and we were able to secure buy-in from the business team once they saw the results of the usability studies.

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